IMI Postage Meters
August 26 2022

IMI Postage Meters

Posted By | Tina Jeremiah
Posted On | August 26 2022

United States Postal Service Mandate

Postage Meters that print Information-Based Indicia (IBI) are decertified as of 12/31/2024 and are replaced by Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) devices.

  • The outgoing IBI Indicia is a 2D barcode combined with human-readable information.
  • Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) was introduced in 2015 and provides more security and data.
  • To ensure USPS received frequent postage use information on which to manage mail flow, IMI meters must connect to the manufacturer's server every 72 hours (vs. 90 days for IBI).
  • This is a USPS mandate who is responsible for approval of all postage meter technology.

Date Action
June 30, 2024 IBI Postage Meters are Decertified (no new placements)
December 31, 2024 All IBI Postage Meters must be withdrawn from service

All Quadient iX Postage Meters are fully IMI compliant, and USPS approved.

OUTGOING - IBI Indicia Example                                               NEW - IMI Indicia Example

IS/IM/IN Series                                                                 iX-Series

• Data Transfer: Funds downloads/rate updates;        • Data Transfer: Funds downloads/rate updates; software updates        software update
     – Modem (discontinued in 2018)                                    – LAN/Wi-Fi Adapter ONLY
     – LAN/Internet
     – 3G/4G Wireless Network

• Mailing systems are defaulted to transfer data        • Mailing systems are REQUIRED to transfer data every 72 hours          monthly                                                                           when mailing monthly
     – Systems are configurable to do weekly or
        daily calls
     – A generic call can also be administered by       
• Recommendation: all iX-Series remain constantly connected
        any connected user at any time                                 
– Failure to make connection with USPS every 72 hours when                                                                                                          mailing results in a locked meter (Unlock by performing postal                                                                                                        inspection with prompts)
• Smaller footprint (IBI lite indicia)                               
• Larger footprint (full indicia)
                              • Key in Postage Feature does not exist

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