Temperature Testing Kiosk
May 07 2020

Temperature Testing Kiosk

Posted By | Bob Hermacinski
Posted On | May 07 2020

Temperature Testing Kiosks from Walz

COVID-19 has changed how we think about airborne illnesses and how we are all taking extra precautions as a result.  


Use this body temperature scanner to help detect those that have fevers and are sick.  Great for the public or work environment facilities to check guests or employees.


Available in floor-mount, counter-mount and wall-mount versions.  The Temperature Testing Kiosk is design to instruct customers where to position their head to take their temperature.  Once achieved, they are prompted on their next steps.


Software can be customized to fit your industry needs, such as "You are now cleared to enter" or "You have an elevated temperature, please proceed to additional screening".


These kiosks are invaluable to help identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses.  Vet staff member and the public before entry to offices, financial institutions, hotels, entertainment venues, factories, supermarkets, healthcare settings and so much more!


  • Provides the first layer of screening protection
  • Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
  • Detects temperature of user standing in front of the device
  • Reads temperature quickly
  • Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
  • Verbal warning/success message is programmable
  • Manufactured with high-quality sensors
  • Notifies you when the sensors are down
  • Collects and produces analytic reports
  • Provides real-time data
  • Optional add-on ability to track age/gender, time of day, any number of variables along with temperature
  • Kiosk can also scan IDs and merge data
  • Back side has opening with a "medial player shelf"
  • Wall-mount, table-mount or floor-mount models


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