How to Calculate USPS Dimensional (DIM) Weight
June 10 2019

How to Calculate USPS Dimensional (DIM) Weight

Posted By | Tina Jeremiah
Posted On | June 10 2019

How to Calculate Dimensional (DIM) Weight


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As of June 23, 2019, the USPS® implemented calculating shipping costs based on a package's size instead of the package's weight.  This method is called Dimensional (DIM) Weight Pricing and it is easy to calculate.


This change affects Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, and Parcel Select services.


1. Multiply Length x Width x Height

Measure the dimensions of your package to determine the total cubic inches.  Example:  12" x 12" x 20" = 2,880 cubic inches.  If your package is under 1 cubic foot or 1,728 cubic inches, Dimensional Weight pricing does not apply.


2.  Divide Cubic Inches by USPS Divisor*

Example:  2,880 / 166 = 17.35 or 18 lbs. 

If the DIM weight is greater than the actual weight of the package, you will be required to use the DIM weight, not the actual weight to calculate the shipping cost.  You can do the math by hand or you can speed things up by using Quadient's DIM weight calculator.








 USPS®  166  166

 *FedEx® and UPS® use their own divisors (139) to calculate DIM weight.  The lower the divisor the more expensive it is to ship your package.  Always check on current status of any Carrier's divisor.


3.  Rate Your Shipment and Calculate Postage

Enter the weight into your postage machine or shipping software to calculate your package price.  Detailed instructions for your specific mailing system are available on the Quadient Knowledgebase.


4.  Three Ways to Reduce DIM Costs


• Think Small!

Use the smallest box possible to cuts costs.



These boxes are charged one flat rate and are not subject to DIM weight pricing.


Explore Envelopes

Look into using padded or regular envelopes for soft or flexible items but remember if you overfill even padded envelopes to larger than 1 cubic foot, it will qualify for Dimensional Weight Pricing.


• Make Your Life Easy!

Neoship online shipping software calculates the DIM weight so you don't have to.  Available on all Quadient IS/IM/IN mailing systems. NeoShip takes the guesswork out of shipping USPS domestic and international parcels.


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