Quadient DS-64i

Quadient DS-64i

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Quadient DS-64i Folder Inserter

Quadient DS-64i Folder Inserter: User Friendly Mail Assembly Solution


Companies are always looking for more efficient, productive and SECURE ways of streamlining the processing of their business-critical communications. Ideally suited for businesses that are searching for a solution to automate a wide variety of document sizes and and types, the Quadient DS-64i folder inserter will meet all company communication needs with ease. 

No more errors and spot checks. The DS-64i is perfect for multi-page mailings.  Ensure the right mail gets into the right envelope - every time!


At speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour and up to 8 sheets in a single fold with optional performance package, the DS-64i folding inserting system automates the processing of checks, multi-page invoices, letters, legal-size document, inserts and business reply envelopes. 


The DS-64i comes with optional CIS barcode reading capabilities and reads a full range of barcodes and optical marks printed on your documents, allowing you to efficiently and securely process variable page documents.  The internal CIS scanner reads inserter control codes (OMR, OCR and BCR) which can be printed nearly anywhere on the document. 


The 7" color touch screen and wizard-based guidance, simplify operation.  Simply load envelopes and documents and the DS-64i will adjust all settings automatically and even save them to memory for instant recall. The result is that your customer receives an automatically collated, professional package with the touch of a button!


The Quadient DS-64i folder inserter can be customized for your document handling operations. Choose from four unique configurations to meet your business needs. Store and recall up to 50 jobs.


Choose your configuration...

1 Station - One FlexFeed® tray that can process documents from 3.5" to 14".
1.5 Stations - One multifunctional FlexFeed® tray for full-size documents and one feeder for inserts up to 6".
2 Stations - Two FlexFeed® trays can process documents from 3.5" to 14" from both feeders.
2.5 Stations - Two FlexFeed® trays that process documents from 3.5" to 14" and a handy feeder for smaller documents (up to 6").


Or link your feeders for continuous operation.  If one feeder runs empty, another one will automatically take over, allowing you to refill as needed until your job is complete.


Plus Quadient Remote Assistance enables folder inserter diagnostics and operator support to increase mail assembly productivity.



  • Process documents up to 5 pages thick (8 pages on a single fold with Optional Performance Package)
  • Fifty programmable jobs to simplify your mailings
  • Durable construction for today's office
  • Quadient Remote Assistance
  • 7” graphic touch screen for unparalleled user convenience
  • Ensure document integrity and prevent double insertions with Secure 'n Feed®
  • FlexFeed® trays allow easy insertion of documents and reply envelopes without "fanning"
  • Fold types include Letter, Z-Fold, Single, Double, Parallel, No fold.
  • Envelope feeder capacity: 150
  • Document feeder capacity: 325
  • High-Capacity Vertical Stacker: Up to 500 envelopes


Features of the Quadient DS-64i Inserter

Features Specifications
Speed Up to 2,000 documents per hour (depending on application)
Envelope Specifications


Min Max
Width 6.3" 9.7"
Height 3.5" 6.35"
Quality 20# bond 30# bond
Document/Daily Mail Specifications


Min Max
Width 5.1" 9.1"
Height 3.5" 14"
Quality 15# bond 42# bond
Capacity 325 printed documents of 20# bond
Insert/ BRE Specifications


Min Max
Width 5.1" 9.1"
Height 3.5" 6"
Quality 20# bond 32# bond
Capacity 50 printed documents of 20# bond
or app. 45 BRE's
Folding Capacity 5 pages ( 20 # ), (8 pgs. w/Opt. Performance Package)
Physical Dimensions Footprint 16.5"W x 49"L x 36"H
Weight 165 lbs.
Power Requirements Voltage 110-120V AC
Frequency 60 Hz
Operating Conditions Temperature 50° - 104° F
Humidity 30% - 80%

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