Pitney Bowes Relay 5000
Relay 5000

Pitney Bowes Relay 5000

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Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Production Folder Inserter System

Fast, reliable, and flexible technology for your mail


The Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 mid-volume inserting system is designed on a fast, reliable folding and inserting platform than helps ensure that the right contents get into the right envelope.  Your customers' privacy and security is critical. Achieve greater levels of accuracy, security and speed with the PB Relay 5000 inserting system.


Keep your mail moving with outstanding flexibility and efficiency with the Relay 5000.  The Relay 5000 inserter enables fast, consistent production of both simple and complex jobs.  The reliable chassis uses the same straight paper path design found on our top of the line inserters.  The Relay 5000 also gives you the flexibility to handle letters or flats without any manual changeover.


The Relay 5000 does the work so you don't have to.  Set and start your mail runs in seconds. You have the ability to program your jobs with real names not just numbers.  Simple-to-follow onscreen user guides walk you through the loading of paper, inserts and envelopes.  You can switch settings such as form letters to flats or single page letter with a simple press of a button.


Easy to set-up and use plus it requires no special operator training. Processes up to 4,000 pieces per hour. The Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 offers speed, accuracy, flexibility and dependability in addition to advanced automation features that speed the flow of communications to your customers.


Each high-capacity sheet feeder has two 1000-sheet capacity feeder trays to keep production moving. One dedicated outer envelope feeder for either letter or flat envelopes combined with 3 flexible feeders for either inserts or sheets.  Reverse accumulator ensured the address shows properly in the window of an envelope whether the address is on the top, middle or bottom of the page.


Easily Fold and Insert the Following

Reply Cards | Invoices | Statements | Checks | Price Lists | Order Forms | Return Envelopes | Newsletters | Letters | And More!


Folds collated sheets into C-fold, Z-fold, single-fold or double-fold and No fold for flat envelopes. 


Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Features & Specs

Features Specifications
Speed Up to 4,000 mail pieces per hour
Max Number of Feeders 7 (4 high capacity sheet feeders + 3 sheet/inserter feeders)
Paper Weight 20 to 24 lbs. - Hi-Cap Sheet Feeder / 19 to 48 lbs. Insert Feeder / 18 to 24 lbs. Envelope Feeder
Paper Dimensions 7.99" x 9.15" to 8.5" x 11.69" - Sheet Feeder / 2.83" x 5" to 6" x 9.84" - Insert Feeder
Envelope Dimensions 3.5" x 6.37" to 6.5" x 10.5" - Envelope Feeder will insert into #9, #10 and 6" x 9", and 6" x 9 1/2" envelopes
Collation Thickness Maximum of .003" to .1"
Weight/Dimensions 326.5 lbs. / 60.5" L base x 22.8" d x 31" h
Integrity Options OMR, 1D, 2D, exit scanning, file-based processing
Programmable Jobs 24
 Standard Sheet Feeder Capacity 350 Sheets
 Inserter Feeder Capacity  350 Inserts
 High Capacity Sheet Feeder Capacity  2000 Sheets
 Large Envelope Capacity  250 Letter Envelopes (100 Flats)


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