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Automated Inserting Management System (AIMS) for Production Inserters


Quadient's production inserters use their Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS) to log data and statistical functions for every mail piece through out the entire inserting process. IMOS is utilized in the DS160, DS160HP, DS200, and DS1200 inserters allowing your team to integrate data across multiple machines on your production floor. AIMS is integrated seamlessly into IMOS allowing your team to view the data in easy to use reports and graphs. AIMS uses a SQL database to store the data and a browser-based application for users to access from anywhere. Your team can now manage your mail center and every transaction with complete confidence.


Dynamic Dashboard


The browser-based dashboard enables you to manage the throughput of your mail center on a real time basis. Screens can be set to show the performance of individual inserters, or combined into an overall view of the mail center. Graphs show daily and hourly throughput scaled to meet your needs and can be viewed with data or full screen. Even jobs with OMR or no reading intelligence are handled with the same level of integrity and analysis. You can also set the system to alert you to any significant event or performance issue, even if you are not viewing the dashboard at that time.


Statistics and Audit


All data in the dashboard can later be used to analyze and compare the performance of all aspects of your mail center. Report formats can be created from templates to analyze performance between inserters, jobs or operators allowing for comparisons across days, weeks or months. Reports concentrate on key performance indicators (KPIs),such as throughput, run times and envelope contents. All statistics can be viewed on screen or printed in tabular and graphical formats. The icon-based screens make ensuring the integrity of your documents easier than ever before.


AIMS-100 (Audit Trail)


AIMS-100 allows you to generate job files on-the-fly as the inserter is running, giving you complete traceability of each document processed. Hand mailed items can be updated and damaged items can be removed. This is best suited for mail centers where a closed loop is not required.


AIMS-500 (Closed Loop)


AIMS-500 offers a complete, integrated closed loop solution when combined with OMS. With automated database creation and reprint generation, the icon-based screens make viewing the integrity of your documents easier than ever before.


AIMS-1000 (External Loop)


AIMS-1000 includes a unique interface mapping module which allows it to communicate with almost any existing or planned ADF implementation. Files are imported, converted for use within AIMS, and then exported in their original format after processing.

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